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Bitmedia Review 2022 best adsense alternative CPM, CPC for Crypto websites - GREAT MONETIZE

Bitmedia Review 2022 best adsense alternative CPM,CPC for Crypto websites  -  GREAT MONETIZE 

Bitmedia Review 

Hello everyone all GREAT MONETIZE  Visitors  today we coming with best adsense alternative Bitmedia for crypto websites and ads Network  2022 CPM, CPC

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Bitmedia Review 2022:

Are you looking for the best bitcoin and crypto network?

If yes then you are at the right place. Bitmedia Bitcoin advertising has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent times.

But the problem is that there is not a single solution in the market when it comes to crypto advertising. It would make a lot of sense if there was a platform that could provide all of the solutions in a single place Bitmedia. This is where Bitmedia comes in.

Bitmedia is here to solve all of your crypto advertising problems and bring you unique solutions for the growth of your business. Today we are going to take a deep dive into Bitmedia, and whether you should use their services or not. 

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Best Crypto ads Network 

What is Bitmedia?

Bitmedia is basically a cryptocurrency advertising network that was founded in 2014. The best thing about Bitmedia is that its main focus is to provide services and solutions to crypto websites and businesses. Another great advantage that Bitmedia has over its competitors is the large audience that they have collected from 7000+ crypto websites. The solutions provided by Bitmedia are really great as they open new doors for advertisers as well as publishers.

You can easily monetize all of the traffic on your website using this platform. Furthermore, if you need help in crypto and blockchain projects then Bitmedia is there to help you. The ad services are really amazing as they bring an experience that is highly customizable. So, with Bitmedia, you can easily grow your business and make more revenue using their ad services. 

Bitcoin Advertising:

Do you want to reach your audience and advertise your business in the best way? Then Bitmedia is all you need. You can easily grow your business through Bitmedia cost-effective solutions. You get high bitcoin traffic using the ad services provided to you by Bitmedia.  

High-Quality Traffic & Leads

Bitmedia makes sure that you get high-quality traffic and leads. When working online, your real growth comes from high-quality traffic. So, with genuine traffic, you will see a huge rise in your business. 

Effective Ads

Another great thing about this advertising platform is that its ads are very price effective. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for the ads. The ads are very affordable and light on the pocket which makes them more appealing. 

Good Customer Support

One of the best things about any platform is if they have strong customer support. There are a lot of times when you need urgent help. This is where a solid support team is needed that can guide you in the right direction. 

Targeting Options

Bitmedia also provides you with different targeting options as well. This is really amazing as it allows you to target the kind of audience that is more profitable for your business. You can easily narrow down a particular niche audience as well using these targeting options. 

Tracking & Control

One of the best things about Bitmedia is that it provides you with total control over the ads. All of the information is available to you. You can easily track and control every click source. 

Multiple Ad Formats:

Bitmedia is a really great platform and provides you with a lot of different ad formats. If you are looking for effective ad formats then Bitmedia is the platform for you. Some of the ad formats provided by Bitmedia are:

Text Ads

If you want to deliver your message in a very simple and clean way then Text Ads are the best. There are a button and bitcoin banners present in these ads that attract the attention of the users. 

Responsive Ads

Responsive ads are best if you want a more tailor-made experience. You can customize the crypto banner according to your brand, and use your brand logo and an image that provides additional flair to the banner. 

Image Ads

As it is clear from the names, these ads use images for getting the messages across. It is also a really simple way of advertising but one that is very effective. 


If you are looking for HTML5 Ads then Bitmedia also provides you with that option as well. You can create playable ads as well that are very effective in attracting more users. 

Bitmedia for publisher 

Ad Network for Publishers:

If you are a publisher, then Bitmedia is also one of the best ad networks for you. This is because it provides you with a very secure and transparent way of monetization. The best thing about Bitmedia is that they ensure that only the right ads are shown.  

High Traffic Revenue

Bitmedia provides you with an opportunity to increase your bitcoin ad earnings. You will get some of the highest commissions in the market which is really amazing for publishers.

Instant Payments

One of the best things about Bitmedia is that it provides you with instant payments as well. If you want to withdraw, then you can easily do that. The withdrawal can be done to any of the bitcoin addresses that you provide. 

Banner Integration

The banner integration tool provided by Bitmedia is really streamlined and that is why you can easily start the monetization of your websites within a few minutes. 

Publishing Tools:

When it comes to publishing tools, Bitmedia is also very flexible.


If you want to monetize your traffic through CPM or CPC, then you can easily do that with Bitmedia. You will get paid for every 1000 impressions on an ad in CPM whereas, in CPC, you get paid on the amount of the clicks. 

Floor CPM

Another good thing about Bitmedia is that they allow you to set a floor CPM as well. Using this tool, you can set a minimum CPM on your website. This allows you to filter all of the advertisers that are paying less than your demand. 


Ease of Use

Solid Filtering Options

Genuine Traffic 

Effective Ad Formats

Excellent Customer Support



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Final Verdict:

Bitmedia is providing advertisers, publishers as well as businesses with a unique opportunity to grow their business. Their advertising services are really solid with strong customer support present as well. They have different ads formats so you can choose the one depending upon your needs. The platform is really easy to join and only takes a few minutes to set up the ads. Bitmedia provides you with high-quality traffic and timely payments as well.

This is an amazing platform that every crypto business should use to grow its business. They are providing excellent services at an affordable rate. Overall, if you are looking for the best crypto ad network, then Bitmedia is definitely one of the best.

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